Chrome Add-ons that can save you money this Christmas

This year i shopped early and grabbed some great deals. Honestly though are still TONS OF AMAZING deals out there and you can utilize some cool chrome addons and apps .

I tried 2 chrome addons, Price and Honey

I love honey, not only does the adorable dancing coin bring my inner child joy, it brings adult me joy. Saving me some fat cash or credit.. Honey is a promocode bank so it saves codes used by others . It also check gives you rewards on your purchases when it is unable to save you money from a code. win win.


I only recently discovered the app from a cheesy ad on T.V. and i have already saved $300! This was only 6 months in. I would probably save more but i use amazon a lot and they do not really use them that much. Ebay gave me decent savings and best buy. I got a few codes to work on Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Overall i was very pleased. If you love to save like me , i recommend it.

Next up is Price, this little add on will search the web for you, and look for a competitive rate. Amazon generally has the lowest to or equal to prices so it is not used quite as much overall it does find a lot of things on offer up as well. So i kind of use it as a price check for amazon cert. used. if you dont mind used amazon warehouse has many many items for discounted prices. Lets say you are browsing now for a future buy this app will watch and scan the web and notify you when the price drops on an item.

It will also give you data (based on the users with the add on installed of course)on the lowest purchases found and sale trends.I was surprised, not sure how some folks pull it off but i”ve seen as much as 2 to 4 hundred dollars. due to privacy they don’t give the website name or user name of buyers.


Overall i think these add on and apps are worthwhile for anyone looking to save a little money.

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