17 Elf Crafts for Kids to Make at Christmas Party’s

Who does not love a Jolly old elf?! And no – we I’m not talking about Elf on the Shelf. I am talking the Santa’s assistant. You Will go Elfish over these Elf Crafts for Kids! One of my favourite movies to see annually at Christmastime is Elf. I simply love it – the comedy, the childish delight in which Elf enjoys Christmas, and of course how the movie ends with him dispersing Christmas Magic just by being his itself.

My kids adore the concept of Elves. They, also, love to watch the movie Elf – they like to talk with their Elf on the shelf – and they like to let their imaginations run wild thinking up all the things the Elves must be working on in the North Pole!

Obviously when it is finally time for crafting, Elf Crafts top their list of adorable Christmas crafts to produce. Oh, they love Santa, and the Reindeer also but Elves are so much fun!


Elf Crafts for Kids to make at home

There are so many enjoyable elf crafts for children to create! I had trouble choosing my favorites to manage together with the children!

I truly wished to create them – from Christmas handprint crafts into elf puppets for their own elf hats – just how fun!

Get in the Christmas spirit moms and dad and also create something cute with them. Memories and Elf crafts with your children also! They’re amazing for a fun elf craft or even a children Christmas party, to keep the kids busy! First things first, however, you can not begin your elf crafting till you initially craft this up Elf hat!

Ok, now you are outfitted like an Elf you might pass the test.

Elf Puppet Crafts

Popsicle Stick Elf Puppet

Paper Bag Elf Craft

Elf Finger Puppet

Jumping Elf Puppets

Printable talking Elf Puppets

Photo Elf Crafts

Elf Magic Printable Elf

Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself Beaded Ornament

Buddy the Elf Craft

Elf Faces and Figurines

Paper Plate Elf Face

Cardboard Tube Elves

Dancing Elves

Popsicle Stick Elves

Craftstick Elf ornament

Brown Bag Elf

Felt and Bead Elves

Cork Elf Ornaments

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