Magical Rainbow Unicorn party

Paper flower wall installation

The party was exploding with glowing colours and Uni-Corn swirls.The dessert table was packed with amazing surprises. At the middle of this dining table sat a massive unicorn cake using purple, pink blue light flowers.

Enormous glass jars were full of yummy goodies as a pink dish held a wealth of Uni-Corn decorated cake pops. Desserts contained biscuits and candy. Guests were presented with a special deal of cotton candy at a single cup.

custom rainbow unicorn cake

The back ground of this dessert table was amazing! A white unicorn mind has been wrapped in a green blossom and blossoms. Shiny gold celebrities sprinkled over the surface of their drapes.The doors in to the party were so spectacular. Paper blossoms in bright light colors decorated the surface of their doors.

delightful cake pops

Lights and clips added into the magical!The ceiling has been decorated to fit the subject. Balloons, figurines, lighting, and fabric gave the ceiling really a charming appearance. Fabric was draped on the very top of white lights.

Paper and paper planters were distributed across the whole ceiling to incorporate pops of color anywhere. A number of the balloons took the design of mysterious unicorns.Guests had the ability to partake from the ultimate photo-booth. Uni-Corn head-bands and also make up were also all provided. There clearly is makeup for all out of the head into the nails.

This stunning party can be made for you or your loved ones.

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