Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

How AWESOME is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party?

Stephanie P. from Fourth + Hazel is back with another amazing guest post and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how well she incorporated her unique style and ideas into a very boy movie theme.”

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BOOYAKASHA! is the new Cowabunga Dude! I have to admit I was a little nervous when my soon to be 3 year old son asked for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party.

The turtles made a huge comeback new cartoons and movies, but there is limited inspiration available for an updated take on a TMNT birthday party.

So I started from scratch…

As a parent I really enjoy the new TMNT cartoon.

The characters are cute and even though the episodes are “dark” (NYC at night) the feel of the show is light.

As my son is just turning 3 I wanted to take a lighter approach to the TMNT theme and stay away from the commercial part of the brand (which can be really hard to do).

For the invites, my local Famoso was generous in giving me some to go pizza boxes to use for the invitations.

I hunted down enough TMNT t shirts for each of our little guests and tucked them inside.

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the turtle illustrations by Jess Bradley and was over the moon excited when she was kind enough to allow me permission to use them for my son’s birthday.

I found a cartoon NYC skyline online that I liked and printed it as the backdrop for the dessert table.

Desserts were hard for this theme as ninja turtles only dine on pizza (which we served for lunch).

So we served Ninja Smoke Bomb (cake pops), Krang Cookies and Sewer Rat Gummies which were a big hit with kids of all ages.

And a quick sneak of the inside of the Krang Cookies. I used Birthday Cake flavored Oreos for the inside. Cute, but also super, super sweet.

Seriously how adorable are these Heroes in a Half Shell Kokeshi Dolls from Knottingwood?

And they are the perfect addition to the table and a great keepsake. LOVE.

To decorate the table I purchased some fabric in TMNT mask colors and used them as table runners.

This was perfect for this party and would also work well with an art or rainbow party and so, so easy to do.

I also incorporated Jess Bradley’s turtle illustrations here for labelling the drinks at the table.

This one is my favorite and was reserved for the over 18 guests ;).

After the kids had eaten, they had to go through the sewer cover (and tunnel) to get Turtle-fied.

Each guest got to choose their favorite color of mask and put on their turtle shell.

I picked up the “shell” (frisbees) at Dollarama (love that place) and used brown grosgrain ribbon and D Rings to keep the shells on while the kids enjoyed the rest of the party.

I used fleece fabric blankets I found at Ikea and used a mask we already had as a guide to make the TMNT masks.

TMNT DIY Masks on Boy

TMNT DIY Masks on Boy

So many plans and ended up with so little time. I had planned a few games for the kids including Fruit Ninja, Kung Fu Hi Impact and a Ninja Throwing Star Game.

I came across these super awesome pots from Ginger Pots and was inspired to create my own version for the party. I am no painter but I think they turned out great even if they didn’t get used.

All in all we had a “turtley” awesome time and my son loved his party.

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