ULTIMATE GUIDE; A Boy’s Pirate Birthday Party

Arrgh! Ye dare not pass up the swashbuckling fun details of this boy’s ULTIMATE GUIDE TO A pirate themed birthday party.

With a scurvy captain at the helm and lots of vintage prop decorations, I’m thinking a “pirate’s life” is looking pretty amazing. But just wait until you see the double chocolate cupcakes, parrot topped birthday cake and themed party games.

Set the tone for you party by sending out awesome DIY message-in-a-bottle style invitations. We have also provided you a free Print out here.

Print invitations on off white paper. To give it an extra touch you can : crumble the paper , slightly burn the edges , or if your a little more skilled add a little calligraphy.

They were rolled up like scrolls and tied with red jute prior to being tucked inside the bottle and capped with cork–awesome!

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Invitations
A pirate themed invitation- message in a bottle

You can search your local thrift store for cheap and cool props. In Los Angeles and Hollywood you will find gems!

Weathered fishing nets and a variety of treasure chests set the foundation the sweets and treats. Bottles were filled sand, shells, jewels and gold coins. If your having trouble finding props , check out our shop.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

You could almost play a pirate version of “I Spy” while trying to notice all of the mood-setting props and details.

Old lanterns, a wood barrel, red pirate flag bunting, jewels, coins, keys, gold cups and rope added rich layers to the overall vibe.

Boy's Priate Theme Birthday Party Decor Ideas

Love that jaunty skeleton outfitted in his pirate patch and hat.

Notice the story he tells with the empty golden goblet and a full bowl of golden coins in his lap–party styling at its best.

Party favors pictured above are made to order.

Features a pirate soap mold , a spyglass, water tattoos and necklace.

Don’t forget to get amazing Favors.

Boy's Pirate Themed Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Guests washed down the treasured treats with bottles of Ginger Beer. Note the authentic looking labels.

Aren’t printables such a great way to bring in themed elements?

Boy's Pirate Themed Birthday Party Dress Up

Swords, pirate hooks and hats filled a treasure chest. Children were invited to pull out their favorite pirate props so they could dress the part.

Boy's Pirate Themed Birthday Party Favors

Guests certainly didn’t leave this celebration empty handed.

Wooden treasure chests were filled with perfect party loot: jewels, tattoos, an eye patch, coins and a medallion necklace.

Additionally, red velvet bags contained doubloons and black drawstring bags were filled with edible chocolate treasure.

Boy's Pirate Themed Party Favor Ideas

With such a terrific array of themed props and treats, you know the pirates at this party were stoked for adventure. What a great celebration!

Check out these ultimate pirate party supply list for your pirate birthday party

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  • Plastic Gold Treasure Coins
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  • Weathered Pirate Flag

More pirate party ideas:A birthday boy’s adventure on the high seas has spawned many a pirate themed birthday party.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

Invitation with skull and crossbones on a striped background must have generated excitement as soon as potential guests opened their mail.

On the inside, a treasure map and a sailing ship delivered party details.

The party venue was a perfect choice; A sizable ship in a local gymnasium floats above a sea of blue foam.

Kids and pirates can walk the plank and jump into the foamy sea without real danger.

Pirate Party Favors

pIRATE PARTY ,making sure to get the small details for a polished look

The main dessert table was covered in texture with burlap, linen and red and white stripes. Corked, glass bottles and rope add to the Captain’s table.Black tulle references fishing nets and a flag was made of black silk.

Pirate Themed Party Decorations

A boy’s pirate themed birthday party affords many iconic images to spark the imagination while still allowing the “pirates” to stay safely moored at home.

Get the look of this pirate themed birthday party CALL NOW 818-929-8250

Arrr you looking for clever pirate birthday party ideas? DIY and pull together a seaworthy pirate party adventure. As a mother, it is probably already quite easy for you to use your imagination! Dreaming up scurvy decor and swash-buckling fun party favors appears easy for this talented mama.

Birthday parties can be expensive, but Valerie did what many great planners do: she started with props she already had at home; she borrowed other needed items from friends.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

It’s amazing what you can come up with by “shopping” in your own cupboards, drawers and closets. We also designed a printable decor, including the darling “welcome on board” signs.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

As you can see from the party table, “shopping at home” turned up some pretty great decorating treasure. Old baskets, golden chargers, seashells and gold coins were a-plenty and added an old world, pirate feel.

Jewels, aka beaded necklaces, were arranged around the food table for a perfect accent.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Dessert Table Sign Ideas

There were also a few store purchases which helped to finish off the look. A rustic looking burlap table runner, starfish garland and netting paired nicely with lanterns and glass bottles.

The large “Beware of Pirates” signage and colorful pirate themed balloons helped tie the look and theme together. Personalization is always an appreciated touch at parties, so Valerie designed the “Happy Birthday Ryan” banner.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Food Ideas

Pirates have endless pits for stomachs, or so I’ve heard, but Valerie had a great menu planned to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Because this pirate party included both adults and children (due to the young ages of most of the kids), Valerie included a mix of food and beverage selections perfect for either crowd. Offerings included barbecued chicken and steak skewers and a large variety of salads.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Candy Ideas

Snack food was plentiful with chips and dips, chocolate whoppers, goldfish, shark and dolphin gummies plus watermelon.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Nobody wants a thirsty pirate. Adults sipped on Sangria, white wine, beer or water while kids chose between water and juice. I’m not sure who drank the “Bootleg Ale” but it’s a great touch!

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

Valerie kept dessert offerings simple, but oh how delicious they look! Notice sprinkle cupcakes with printable pirate masts and flags; such darling detailing makes a big impact. A chocolate cake with vanilla icing was topped off with pirate themed candles.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Activities and party games were planned with little pirates in mind. With a plethora of pirate props on hand, guests had fun running around outside, acting out their own pirate adventures.

In addition, a kiddie pool was set up for cooling off; a sandbox was on hand for digging up buried treasure.

Boy's Pirate Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Every successful pirate needs some treasure and these birthday pirates definitely didn’t leave the party empty handed. Valerie created loot bags worthy of the most discriminating pirate.

Accented with printable labels and tags thanking birthday mates, the kraft paper favor bags were filled with chocolate coins, eye patches, pirate stickers and tattoos. I’d call that a great haul!

You don’t need to sail the seven seas to search for unique party decoration ideas; just look at this adorable boy’s blue pirate birthday party! This engaging celebration was put together by Jes, of Jes Parker Events and Celebrations, using a blue, white and black color palette.

Jes made the adorable selection of printables and centerpieces for this gathering that included fun themed cupcakes and birthday cake, favors, and party games. Beware of dark pirate ships and treasure hidden throughout the decorative table decor!

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

In a departure from the more familiar red, white and black pirate decor, Jes created a table in ocean blue and white water foam. A scrim of black referenced a fishing net and served as an anchor for the food display.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Banner Ideas

The tall white centerpiece cake from Palmer’s Market with black stripes was topped with a version of Captain Hook’s hooked appendage.

Guests were satisfied with sandwiches, individually wrapped and tied with baker’s twine, cheese puffs and goldfish crackers in polka-dotted cups, plus colorful fruit kabobs.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

I like the fun “Grub” banner that called guests to the table.

Generously sized pedestals held cupcakes that were ready for the party in black wraps with pirate sword cutouts: so cute! They were topped with black and blue pirate themed medallions.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Drink Ideas

The pirate punch wore stripes. I love how the blue looks next to the black and white! Blue and white paper straws look like a perfect accessory, too.

The stylized skull and crossbones image on the water bottles is not so scary but still says “pirate”. I think that’s a good choice for a four-year-old’s birthday.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Table Decor Ideas

The remarkable guest table was filled with festive decor. A wide band of shimmery blue over black and white stripes was striking.

Jes used a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger, centerpieces with the birthday boy’s age and golden coins to carry the theme.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Game Ideas

One of my favorite parts of this party was the treasure hunt Jes put together. A basket full of pirate costumes and inflatable swords got everyone ready for adventure.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Activity Ideas

With the sign inviting guests to follow the path to buried treasure and mysterious blue footprints leading who-knew-where, you know young imaginations were excited!

X marked the spot in a sandbox filled with buried treasure for guests to claim.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Activity Ideas

Party pirates could fill “diamond” embellished canvas bags with the bounty they discovered.

I love the “message in a bottle” party favors! Each little bottle was filled with blue and black sixlets, pirate tattoos, and a coin for buying ice cream at a local shop. Imagine what a treasure that would be for a little guy.

Boy's Blue Pirate Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Shiver me timbers! This X marks the spot. A pirate themed boy’s birthday party.

Full of swash buckling fun ideas any pirate would sail the Seven Seas to reach.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates was the perfect birthday party theme for Jake’s 4th birthday. Jake’s mom, Betty, party stylist and owner of P & J by Design, was not short on pirate themed ideas when she made this event come to life. The birthday boy and his friends were treated to a party filled with delicious food, birthday cake, gorgeous favors, party games and decorations which all contributed to the success of this party.

I’m sure this pirate theme made guests feel as though they were actually aboard a pirate ship. Love that Photography recorded the delightful details. Make sure you check out this cool

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Invitation Ideas File Size239.3 KB

Betty wanted party guests to know they were in for a treat; they received their first clue about the excitement ahead when they received the remarkable handcrafted invitations.

The invitation reminiscent of an old world treasure map, complete with burnt edges and marked with a red seal.

It was delivered in a box decorated with a map, a miniature treasure chest, sea shells and a ship. Inside, a bottle filled with gold (luster) dust accompanied party details.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Dessert Table Decoration Ideas

Guests were greeted with a beautiful display at the celebration. The old world look of this party was achieved by incorporating black, gold, brown and red into every detail.

Boys Pirate Themed BIrthday Party Table Decoration Ideas

The dessert table was backed by an authentic looking treasure map that proclaimed, “Happy Birthday Jake” even while a banner proclaimed: “Beware” (also from Little Poppet Parties).

Pirate Themed Boys Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Betty artfully arranged relics that might represent a pirate’s interests, including: tankards, candlesticks, lanterns, jewels, coins, maps, spy glasses, old barrels, and even a parrot.

Pirate Themed Boys Birthday Party parrot Decoration Ideas

Guests were treated to a buffet of sweets with a remarkable cake in the starring role. The detail work on the cake is outstanding; each tier is a new layer of amazing!

The talented Vincent, from Van Goh Cakes, created the themed showstopper. Each layer looks like the real item it is trying to impersonate: treasure trunk, old wooden barrel, treasure map and a pirate ship with rice paper sails.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Food Dessert Cake

Even the desserts and cookies tied into the pirate theme. The gorgeous desserts were displayed on golden stands and platters, just right for pirate bounty.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Food Cake Ideas

They included cake stacks with fondant skulls, chocolate brownies, lemon vanilla cake pots (with bronzed locks and keys!), and salted caramel macarons.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Food Treat Ideas

There were also apple crumble tarts and candies as well as adorable cookies in the shapes of swords, ships and treasure maps.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Decorattion Ideas

There was a separate area for the little pirates, marked by a handmade pirate sail centrepiece on burlap covered tables. Plates, cutlery and drink bottles carried the theme, too, with party printables.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Table Setting Ideas for Kids

Darling ship-shaped favor boxes were filled with pirate stickers, a treasure map and a set of pirate pencils for coloring their map.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Table For Kids Decoration Ideas

The party guests didn’t have to worry about walking the plank at this party as there was plenty to do.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Arts and Crafts Table Ideas

In addition to coloring their maps, party guests decorated wooden treasure boxes which they filled with golden coins from a treasure hunt. Pin-the-Eye-Patch on the Pirate amused the little ones.

Activities included songs and games with special party entertainer, Pirate Jack.

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Table Siting Ideas

Parents were not overlooked when planning the details of this party. They were treated to a feast at a gorgeously styled table complete with golden candelabras, wine goblets, fresh flowers and fruit on custom made table linens.

And we can’t forget about the chairs — oh how I love the gold chairs! The parents were clearly seated at the captain’s table on this ship.

Betty certainly created a treasure trove of memories for Captain Jake and his guests!

Boys Pirate Themed Birthday Party Table Decoration Ideas for Adults

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