Why We Love Primo Water

Our family lives in the heart of the desert, just outside Phoenix, Arizona.

Of course, water is crucial and having high-quality water is a necessity because we have really hard water in our area.

When the opportunity to partner with Primo Water arose, I was happy to jump on it! I’m excited to bring you these ideas in partnership with them today.

Best Family Water Dispenser

Best Family Water Dispenser

Because of the water quality in our area, I use a Primo water dispenser at all times. All of our cooking and drinking water comes directly from our Primo dispenser so that I know my family is getting the very best. We also use Primo water for all my niece Mary Grace’s bottles. Excellent quality water is important for every member of the family.

What is Primo Water Dispenser?

We love our in-home Primo water dispenser. It helps provide healthy, pure, excellent quality water easily right in our home. They’ve even found that households with a Primo dispenser drink 25% more water as a result.

Tap water can be filled with nasty particles you don’t want to give your family like lead and even cyanide.

No, thanks — we don’t want to drink that! Having clean, safe water to drink is so important! That’s where Primo comes in for our family.

Easy Water Dispenser

Easy Water Dispenser

Our in-home dispenser is a bottom loading model, which I love. It’s so easy to use. I don’t have to lift a big bottle to load the water and it eliminates worries about flipping or tipping over. Brilliant!

It also offers fast-flowing ice cold water or piping hot water with two stainless steel hot and cold tanks.

How Do You Get Primo Water?

They offer two great options so there is a great choice for any family.

You can choose to do self-service water refill, which means you can refill your bottles at thousands of locations in the US and Canada.

You could also choose their convenient water exchange option. This means you purchase a water bottle and once the water is gone, you can take the bottle to be recycled. When you recycle, you’ll receive a ticket to help save on your next Primo water purchase.

You can find a local store here.

Primo Water

Primo Water

How Does a Primo Water Dispenser Work?

Our Primo dispenser helps to provide us amazing tasting water.

If you choose to do the self-service water refill, this is how it will work:

Bring any empty Primo water bottle or container to a Primo refill station, fill it up, then take it home to enjoy.

This is how the water treatment process works on a self-service water refill:

First, sediment filtration traps rust, dirt, and pipe scale.

Next, the activated carbon filter removes odor, tastes, and chlorine.

Then, reverse osmosis removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids including lead, mercury, and fluoride as well as sub-micron particles.

Post carbon filtration is a final polishing filter that helps provide great taste.

Finally, ultraviolet sterilization ensures high-quality water that is safe to drink.

This is how the water treatment process works on pre-filled water exchange:

First, coarse filtration removes sediment and pipe scale.

Then, fine filtration removes iron and fine particles.

Next, a carbon filter removes odors, tastes, and chlorine.

Softner removes scale-causing mineral salts.

Then, ultraviolet sterilization kills bacteria.

Reverse osmosis purifies water and then minerals are added for the perfect taste.

Ozonation helps make the water safe and fresh.

Finally, each bottle is inspected and sanitized before being filled and sent to a local station for you to enjoy.

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

We Choose Primo Water for Our Family

Another reason we love Primo? It helps cut down on waste because you’re not throwing away plastic bottles. We used to go through so many disposable water bottles each week. I’m so glad we’re not creating all that waste anymore!

With a scorching hot summer on the way here in Arizona, I’m especially glad to have Primo in our home.

During the summer, it’s incredibly hot. Like melt your face off, maybe you shouldn’t go outside hot. But of course, we can’t just stay home half the year.

It’s just part of living here for us but you definitely have to take precautions when you’re planning to go anywhere.

Our family always carries reusable steel water bottles that we fill up at home before heading out the door. We also make sure we increase how much water we’re drinking during the warmer months.

Kid's Water Printable

Kid's Water Printable

One of the ways I do this is by using this fun water tracking printable for our boys. They love checking off the water they’re drinking each day. It’s a great motivator to make sure they’re getting enough water in, without me nagging them.

Fresh Fruit for Water

Fresh Fruit for Water

I also keep fresh fruit, sliced and ready to go, available to them so they can choose to add “flavors” to their water. They have a great time mixing and matching flavors and coming up with new flavor ideas.

We all love having fruit and veggies in our water. It’s a delicious, refreshing way to encourage getting even more H20 in every day.

Primo Water Dispenser in Home

Primo Water Dispenser in Home

If you haven’t checked out Primo Water yet, I encourage you to get it for your family right away — you’ll be so glad you did!

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