21 Ultimate Pool Party Ideas

This summer, make a big splash by throwing a pool party!

Fill your mind with plenty of summer-worthy pool party ideas by checking out this roundup.

You’ll find all the party supplies you’ll need, from ideas for pool party invitations to clever party food and party favors, plus a plethora of DIY decorations and pool party games. Guests will be excited to jump right in on a great summer event.

Pool Party Ideas

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Beach Ball Pool Party Invitations

1. Beach Ball Pool Party Invitations

As seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

You’re sure to capture pool party invitees’ attention with these genius beach ball pool party invitations. Get guests excited for your pool party bash by including all of the party details, printed on a beach ball. Delivering the balls full inflated is a fun idea, or send the beach balls with instructions for guests to blow up the ball to reveal the party plan.

Glow Stick Pool Decorations

2. Glow Stick Pool Decorations

From Loafers and Hot Cocoa

If you’re hosting a pool party that will extend into the evening hours, why not include this unexpected nighttime surprise as part of your decor plans? Simply add glow sticks to the bottom of the pool to add a cool party vibe. Kids will love the atmosphere created. Plus, how fun to dive after the glow sticks.

Shark Themed Pool Party

3. Shark Themed Pool Party

From Zelicious, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

This summer, invite sharks to your pool party. A shark themed pool party is a fun twist on an ordinary pool party. Instead of featuring a ferocious shark, this party features a grinning shark throughout the party decorations. There are plenty of “JAWsome” details to sink your teeth into, including a dessert table you might just figuratively die over. Gummy sharks, shark fin topped cupcakes, shark decorated cookies, and a myriad of other yummy treats will keep party guests’ tummies full and hearts happy.

Summer Pool Party Desserts

4. Summer Pool Party Desserts

From UR Invited, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

A summer pool party calls for summer themed desserts. This retro pool party bash has loads of great pool party dessert ideas! How fun are the ice cream bar cake pops, ice cream cone and ice cream sundae inspired cupcakes, and cookies decorated to look like sunglasses, popsicles, and flip flops? Plus, the outdoor pool shaped cake with little fondant swimmers is a creative cake idea too!

Sun Protection Station

5. Sun Protection Station

From Crissy’s Crafts M as seen on Catch My Party

If there is one thing that can ruin the fun of a pool party, it is a sunburn! You can help keep party guests sunburn free by setting up a sun protection station at your next outdoor pool party. Help guests lather on the sunscreen, and provide a simple protection station which includes a bucket or basket of sunscreen and lotion! Guests will appreciate the protection.

Swimming Pool Party Cake

6. Swimming Pool Party Cake

From Tiffany’s Creative Cakes

Buttercream and fondant pair for one super cute swimming pool party cake! Check out the darling snorkel gear and flippers the swimmer on the cake is wearing. He’s sure to steal the show on the dessert table at your pool party!

7. “Let’s Make a Splash” Pool Party Favor Bags

From Crumbs of Comfort, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

A great way to tie a party theme together is by incorporating a party logo. The repetition of using it on the invitation, and again on the decorations, and finally on the take home favors definitely helps to achieve a cohesive look and feel.

We love these “Let’s Make a Splash” pool party favor bags. They feature the adorable party logo used throughout the event which is already a win. The idea of using a fabric bag is also a fabulous idea since the party guests are around water, and a fabric bag is definitely more durable as a storage place for party keepsakes.

Pool Party Decoration Ideas

8. Pool Party Decoration Ideas

From Party City

Don’t forget to dress up the pool area for your party! There are so many ways to do this inexpensively! Balloons can be used to create interest both above the pool and around the pool deck! Think balloon garlands, arches, and sculptures! Use different shaped balloons to create a variety of decor pieces!

Pool Party Popsicle (Icypole) Refreshment Voucher

9. Pool Party Popsicle (Icypole) Refreshment Voucher

From I Heart Parties, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Popsicles (“Icypoles”) are a great pool party refreshment, especially when the sun is shining. Popsicles are a logistical nightmare to keep from melting, however. Plus, it can be hard to keep track which party guests have reached their Popsicle quota when an open cooler stocked with popsicles is on display. We love this refreshment voucher idea! Each guest receives a refreshment voucher redeemable for one Popsicle! This allows the popsicles to remain stored in a freezer until desired, and also allows for some accountability.

Pool Party Squirt Gun Races

10. Pool Party Squirt Gun Races

From This Grandma is Fun

This boredom busting activity idea is great for a summer pool party. The great news is you probably have the items needed for these pool party squirt gun races at your home: sturdy string, scissors, plastic cups, duct tape, and squirt guns! Check out the tutorial to find instructions for the simple assembly and read up on game rules! Then, get ready to make a splash because this game is fun!

Jumbo Popsicle Garland Tutorial Using Pool Noodles

11. Jumbo Popsicle Garland Tutorial Using Pool Noodles

From Oh Happy Day

Popsicles and pool parties go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can create this jumbo Popsicle garland for your next pool party! Not only is this decoration idea affordable and quick to make, the result is adorable! Would you believe the popsicles are created from cut up pool noodles affixed to Popsicle sticks? So stinkin’ cute, right?

DIY Beach Ball Garland

12. DIY Beach Ball Garland

From Studio DIY

Who knew Styrofoam balls could be turned into something so adorable? DIY your own beach ball garland to use as decoration at your pool party! You can create these using Styrofoam balls, paint, and a little string! How cute would these be hanging from your dessert table or strung around your pool deck and party area?

Pool Noodle Party Decorations

13. Pool Noodle Party Decorations

From Niki and Gabi, as seen on Youtube

You know those foam pool noodles you see at dollar stores all spring and summer long? They aren’t just for the pool! Get creative and use them to create decorations, perfect for your pool party! You can cut them up and string them to make really cool pool noodle garlands for next to nothing!

Pool Party Sand Pail Favor

14. Pool Party Sand Pail Favor

From Crissy’s Crafts M as seen on Catch My Party

Send home the coolest pool party inspired favor with party guests. Purchase inexpensive sand pails and load them up with things like sunglasses, flip flops, a beach ball, or treats. You can add a custom label or thank you tag to the sand pails to express appreciation for guests’ attendance at the party.

Printable Pool Party Invitation

15. Printable Pool Party Invitation

From Pop Heart

Start off your summer pool party planning by picking an adorable party invitation! This beach ball invitation is colorful and fun and will instantly get your guests excited about the fun to come in the pool! All of the party details can be adapted to meet your party goals and plans!

Pool Party Towel Station

16. Pool Party Towel Station

From Sarah S., as seen on Catch My Party

It’s inevitable that someone attending your pool party will forget to bring their own towel. Plan ahead for this scenario so that all guests can continue to have fun at your event by creating a towel station. Use a large tub or ice chest to store spare towels. Create a sign letting the forgetful guests know these loaner towels are just for them! They will feel relieved and well-taken care of!

Flip Flop Cookies

17. Flip Flop Cookies

From Living Locurto

When it comes to having fun in the sun, flip flops are usually the footwear of choice, especially at a pool party! Why not bring the fun of flip flops to your refreshment table? Check out these adorable flip flop cookies created using vanilla Vienna sandwich cookies and frosting! Display them on a bed of brown sugar “sand”.

Pool Party Beverage Idea

18. Pool Party Beverage Idea

From As seen on Red Tricycle

While a pool party is bound to have plenty of water for splashing, make sure there is also plenty of “pool water” for drinking. This creative beverage idea takes your favorite blue tinted drink and pairs it with a clever label to tie in with the pool party theme! Having plenty of drinks on hand to keep guests hydrated is very important.

DIY Pallet Pool Storage

19. DIY Pallet Pool Storage

From Juggling Act Mama

Get ready for summer and all the pool parties you’d like to throw by getting your pool gear organized. This DIY pallet pool storage is the perfect way to display and store all of your gear during pool party season while also keeping it close enough to actually use without a lot of hunting and hassle. Assembly is easy, and the cost is totally budget-friendly! Check out the tutorial for steps to create one for your own backyard!

Lifeguard Chair Party Favors

20. Lifeguard Chair Party Favors

From GreyGrey Designs

Lifeguards and pools go hand-in-hand, so why not add some lifeguard stands to your pool party decorations and then send them home with the kids at the end of the party? These lifeguard chairs are a great way to serve up a treat, such as pushup pops filled with blue Jell-O “water”. Guests will love taking one home as a party favor after they’ve made a splash in your pool!

Pool Party Inspired Treat Ideas

21. Pool Party Inspired Treat Ideas

From Crissy’s Crafts M as seen on Catch My Party

Get creative with your pool party treats by labeling popular candy with clever names. Gumballs can be labeled “beach balls”. Licorice ropes look like “pool noodles”. You’ll find great inspiration for a dessert table in this colorful pool party!

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