Colorful Secret Garden Birthday Party


Exquisitely decorated by Oh Feri, this Colorful Secret Garden Birthday Party was a vision of pure decadence. The invitations were absolutely stunning with a vibrantly floral border and a lovely, elegant font style. Each one was wrapped with a light lavender ribbon that had a golden letter attached for added effect.

The dessert section of the venue was exceptionally arranged with everything on varying levels to allow for simple access. The table was covered in a white cloth so all of the flower colors could really pop beautifully. A massive custom graphic made a perfect introduction to this special celebration in lavender with pictures of trees on each side.

To effectively encompass the garden vibe, flower blooms were incorporated throughout the desserts, adding color and a sweet touch of nature. Pudding cups were set on trays right at the front, each with its own little flower bloom topper. Cupcakes were wrapped in gold with purple flowers on top, they stood tall on a tray at the front. On each side of the table large, perfect bouquets of roses made a perfect addition to the decor. There were even adorable unicorn mini horses set on each level to add to the mythical vibe of this garden party.

Sugar cookies were detailed beautifully to match the party theme, looking almost too good to eat. There were macarons in lavender set in a tower style on one side of the table that complemented the chocolate covered strawberry tree on the other side delightfully. A gorgeous, tall cake frosted in white made a stunning centerpiece with all sorts of fantastic flower blooms on the top and set as a ring around the bottom. A golden topper advertised the special birthday vip boldly. On each side of the cake, large vases full of candies drew the eye. There were even customized chocolates for everyone to enjoy.

Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Angel Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Bouquet Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cake Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Chocolates Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Spread Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Floral-Cupcakes Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flower-Blooms Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flower-Bouquet Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flower-Candy-Tree Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Flower-Display Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Gold-Cakepops Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Gold-Cupcakes Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Gold-Fairy Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Gold-Topper Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Graphics Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Invitations Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Juice Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Kisses Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Labels Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Macarons Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Macaron-Tower Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Pudding Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Pudding-Flowers Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Pudding-Trays Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Purple-Flowers Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Roses Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Tall-Cake Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Treats Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Unicorn Colorful-Secret-Garden-Birthday-Party-Unicorn-Mini


Planning/design – Oh Feri


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