Disney’s New Aladdin has some Women Empowerment

Ciomara – a picky know it all.

I watched the Disney movie “Aladdin” last night with my family. Dad loves to watch movies, eat at restaurants…pretty much anything that requires little to no movement.

After being robbed by the concession stand we made our way to our seats and then we quickly were immersed with tons of pretty imagery.

A gorgeous and lush land is depicted with a colorful landscape. The Agra bah of Disney truly comes to life! The computer graphics were great and the landscape lighting artist should be complemented here. The diligent work on the lighting artist and how the hills shadows lay on the actual city was flawless. In all the special effects were seamless when it came to environment. My biggest complaint is the tiger, Raja. It was not as well done as it could have been. In general i find that large animals are hard to mimic well in cg, and the body movements and gracefulness in Raja was lost.

Iago was greatly done though. I also rather appreciated the role they placed on Iago. Rather then being an obnoxious bit of comedic relief, he acted more as the subconscious thoughts of Jafar. You know … the things we want to say but can’t, either because it gives away our true intentions or because they are things that might get us in trouble with an authoritative figure.

The women empowerment.

Disney promised a series of princess movies that helped empower women/girls/teens. Quite a lot of complaining has been done about the movies that Walt Disney had made. I LOVE WALT DISNEY, AND I RESPECT AND HONOR HIS WORK, AS WELL AS HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTISTIC COMMUNITY. So please you must understand that as we grow into different generations we break free from useless traditions. WE EVOLVE AND ADAPT SOCIALLY.

Disney did not disappoint in this movie, Jasmine wants to be Sultan. She is told several times in the movies that she should be quiet as that is not her place. She (open for speculation) secretly defies this ,in song of course. It is not until the end that she summons some type of courage for a voice to defy Jafar.

She does this in a way that doesn’t show the type of “strength” or “power” that society has become accustomed to seeing. With words. She eloquently touches the hearts and minds of the men with her empathy , love and a call to action.

When Women Rule the World

I truly believe in order for society to survive any further women must be more deeply seeded within the government. We are the caretakers of our children. We must find better ways to protect them and to make society realize that they are all you need to invest in.

I do not think inventing robot fish to spy on submarines is a good use of money, i also don’t think spending millions of dollars to clean up and house drug addicts is a good use of money. These are the symptoms and not the cause. Care for the children and youth. Care and protect them.

I have hopefully another 50 years left in this time frame. I hope to bring more joy , love and kindness to children, from ages 1 to 92 ;).

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