Balloon Clean ups

We understand your concerns about the environment. As balloon artist we take into consideration our impact on the world. This is why at all of our events we take time and care to clean up any scrap balloons, avoid using helium and WE NEVER DO BALLOON RELEASES.

Are you having an event where you will be having balloon decorations?

Consider hiring us for your clean up. We will safely break down all the balloons and dispose of them in a eco-friendly way. Scraps that are not in poor condition can be re-used and donated to low income youth communities. They are then used to make colorful bracelets, bands, and more.

The issue is not the balloons, but the way we hold ourselves accountable for it’s disposal. Don’t steer away from balloons, they bring joy and whimsy to any celebration. Hire our team to help keep your responsibility to our planet.

re-usable balloons