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Are you looking for Balloon Decor?

Perfect because we provide balloon decorations for all occasions. Decorations that can be easily customized for the theme of your party. There is no limitation to your party or imagination. So let’s talk next about traditional styles.

The most commonly ordered party decorations are arches and columns. The right decorations can make it the event of the year.

Pictured Left is a photo of a Balloon Mosaic. Balloon Mosaics are the newest trend in 2019.

They may seem like a party CLICHE, but event designers are reinterpreting these party traditions.

balloon decoration balloon arch
Pictured is a new technique to an old classic, the arch.

This decor staple is being used in new and interesting ways, beyond simple decorations.

From giant animal balloons to an inflated selfie billboard. Now let’s continue as we go through the options and styles we provide.

elegant organic balloon garland balloon decoration carousel theme pastel and muted colors with gold confetti jumbo balloon

Balloon Decoration:The organic garland

An elegant addition to any celebration.This organic balloon garland is a stunning party decoration.

It brings a festive ambiance to your party. Organic balloon garlands or balloon photo backdrops can really help capture the colors of your event.

To the left we see a garland pictured , these can include multiple colors within the design. If you notice next we see that select balloons are mylar and confetti filled.

Multiple shapes and sizes available. Best of all no Helium Required!

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BALLOON DECORATION: balloon sculptures and balloon installations, for private and corporate events

kids party entertainment kids birthday party planner balloon twister balloon-decorator-kids-birthday-party-decorations-los-angeles
under the sea sculpture , centerpiece, tower topper

Mainly used for decorating birthday parties, weddings. Advertising or promoting corporate functions, school events, grand openings, seasonal retail displays.

You will almost always see some balloons at festive gatherings.

The artists who use the round balloons to build are called “stackers”.

I offer both styles of designs, though i do prefer twisting my sculptures.

Balloon artists who use pencil balloons to build are called “twisters.”

Pictured to the left is a Disney’s Aladdin inspired Balloon Column. The effect is achieved using the twisters method.

Balloon Decorations that are the life of the party.

We create personalized pieces of balloon décor for any party or theme.

Some occasions of course will have an obvious theme.

For example a team mascot, or seasonal decorations like Christmas and Halloween, or a royal castle.

Does your party have a specific color palette? We understand the importance of matching your colors exactly. So as expected we can replicate most Pantone shades.


So what is the difference between a Balloon Column, Pillar and Tower?

It is very simple to explain, however it is a bit of a misunderstanding. Some people believe that they are either all the same. However there are others that believe they are completely different. They are slightly both correct surprisingly , let me explain.

kids party entertainment kids birthday party planner balloon twister balloon-decorator-kids-birthday-party-decorations-los-angeles


That’s right so your imagination is the only limit to what we can do. For our team there is just no party too small, or too big.

So now take a minute and think. So do you want a balloon arch, but themed to your favorite football team? Or maybe a balloon photo backdrop for those party selfies?

Why not try a balloon canopy that transforms your space entirely! I love how balloons truly bring magic and wonder to your party.


First a balloon column, balloon pillar and a balloon tower are essentially all the same thing.  

They are balloons that are stacked erect from bottom to top, usually on a frame or pole.

However when we use these terms, the purpose is simple. Because it is easier for us to get a better understanding of the silhouette.

Balloons are easily styled with a variety of textures and patterns.

To finish off the balloon column we like to add a fun and creative “Topper”. Then we love to “Top” the column with a large jumbo balloon.

Finally we may add clusters of long skinny balloons, a turret or balloon numbers or letters, etc. As a result , bright, colorful designs that are fun and unique.

party favor candy cup balloon party cup kids party entertainment kids birthday party planner balloon twister balloon kids-birthday-party-decorations-los-angeles


It recently has gotten huge world wide! First kids get a bucket of treats. Then they choose and fill up the cup. Of course they put in all their favorite sweets and goodies. It’s a hit of the party.

Candy cups, Or Balloon Party Favors is not a new trend. I started doing this at kids parties back in 2012.


I get many parents who want to add balloons to the party. But the problem is the venue has its own entertainment. Most of the time the entertainment at party venues are not that good.

It would be a waste of money for them to invest in a balloon artist. Because chances are they will not have enough to to be AT the party. Not every child may get a balloon

Finally most kids will be playing and lose patience. Consider that most artist require you to stand in line or to return when being called for.

So as promised, let me let you in on a secret. Here it is, the amazing thing about these candy cup party favors.

In addition to being a party favor they can be made prior. Then delivered to your event ready to go. Perhaps even to be used as decorations.

They then make great as centerpieces, or on the dessert tables, etc…

balloon centerpieces and decorations

kids party entertainment kids birthday party planner balloon twister balloon-decorator-kids-birthday-party-decorations-los-angeles

Our most commonly used type of balloon used are twisted balloons. Often the term “Party Balloon” will refer to a twisting balloon or a pencil balloon.

Bright and colorful balloons are then manipulated to create shapes. Also to create amazing figures for parties and events, typically along with entertainment.

Twisting balloons can be used to create decorative centerpieces. They create a more unique look than can be provided by foil and latex balloons.

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