BALLOON MOSAICS New Arrivals for 2019

Our Newest Balloon Installation Arrivals!


Rainbow Unicorn Balloon Mosaic

Price is for 4 letter name with unicorn accent on 1 letter.

Size of Letters can range from 4 ft to 6ft


Champagne Bottle Balloon Mosaic

Price is for bottle only, great decoration for New Years Eve Party or a Casino Party.

Champagne bottle Balloon Mosaic and foam effect is included. Additional Balloons not included in costs

Rainbow and Cloud Balloon Mosaic


Organic Jumbo Balloon Garland Confetti
Price is for 5ft of Garland, you pick colors

Custom Party Props Available and Made to order

Call for a Quote

Custom Party Props made to order, call for quote

sample of balloon mosaics are provided courtesy of Creative Hearts Studio