Kid’s Party Entertainment

Amazing Kids party entertainment

There are many ways to get an amazing kid’s party entertainer for your loved ones birthday. Like the people who throw them, birthday parties have evolved. It use to be only royalty could afford to entertainment. We now welcome face painters, clowns and balloon twisters to our celebrations everyday. Are you ready for some amazing kid’s party entertainment?

Grandma might point out that she managed just fine without ponies or puppeteers, but that doesn’t mean we have to. So take a look at what we have to offer.

From face painters, clowns, to artistic balloon twisters, we can find something to suit your event.

Throw a Princess Party

Pictured here we have a Beauty princess. Photograph of the actual costume, though our entertainers may vary. The backdrop featured is available to rent at an additional cost.

The truth is that a good party entertainer can make a event in the backyard or local park feel like the celebration of the season.

If you’re that mom who’s never at a loss to entertain a dozen 8-year-olds, our hats are off to you. For everyone else, here are some entertainment ideas.

Princess, Fairy Parties, Mermaids and More

Booking a costumed character is more than just renting a dressed fairy and mermaid. The whimsical activities the characters bring are teacher designed and range from shows and activities to dance parties, face painting, balloon art, and other fun stuff.  Book your Party today.

Bubble Trouble fun

The Bubblologist is in the building. Did the Bubblologist make up his job title? Perhaps, but whatever you call our entertainers, they offer plenty of good, clean fun, with programs built around the science of soap bubbles for children of all ages. Parties involve an indoor presentation followed by outdoor bubble playtime.

Rainbow Unicorn Party Entertainer

Although difficult to see she wears a white unicorn horn hair cap with horse ears. The out fit is blue and pink pastel hair. Her top and skirt are made of a beautiful rainbow colors.

Game Master

In addition our entertainer can bring the active, sporty fun to parties. Kids can play dodge ball, color tag, four corners and more; dig into a whipped cream eating contest or a Nerf war; or even have non-stop, organized fun at a celebration. This company emphasizes old-fashioned entertainment and even nurtures sportsman-like behavior in kids as a bonus.  Lastly we offer some balloon twister party favors as the services winds down.

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Mother Earth

Empower kids as expert gardeners, and nurture a kiddo’s love for greenery. We help create natural wonder in the child’s own garden at home. Or at a park where gardens can be created in pots , then later to take home as favors.

Digging and planting activities can be augmented by nature walks, scavenger hunts, mud pies, and anything else plant-related.

Imagination play

Best Birthday Ever? Say yes to swashbuckling pirates, noble knights and fair princesses, or a variety of other characters at your party? How about Harry Potter ?

These entertainers are known for staying in character, wearing spot-on costumes, and making every kid feel included. As always most of our packages include face painting and balloon twisting.

Dance Master

A entertainer who can play music just for children, not only play music for kiddos but invite them to dance, and get involved.

In Addition we provide your party with a face painter and balloon twisted favors. As a result a FUN filled day for everyone.

We bring musical instruments for the kids to play, making the show an interactive experience. If your kid loves music, they can get an amazing party.

In addition to characters like Princess Leia and Alice in Wonderland, we have magicians, face painters, wash-off tattoo artists, and even a henna “tattoo artist.” Kids will swoon over the swimming mermaid (fully CPR certified to boot) who tells stories, sings, and more. So what are you waiting for , give us a call now.

Face painters

A favorite and classic at most celebrations.Here is a list of the equipment that your Face painter will bring. Some items include the following.

  • Make up chair for face painting.
  • Table for face paint supplies, 4 ft.
  • Over 20 different colors and shapes of balloon twisting.
  • 50 Plus vivid colors of face painting.
  • Over 20 glitters for face painting.
  • Stencils for speed
  • Candy and Prizes
  • Games
  • Magic tricks
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Balloon twisters

A skilled balloon artist bring the best type of giveaway to your event. Indulge your children with bright colors, fun characters, and delicious candy.

Our balloon twisters offer party favor cups (15 are included in deluxe package), hair bands, wearable balloon art such as, angel wings, jet packs, lady bugs and so much more.

Carousel’s skilled balloon twister can tailor the menu to your theme we have detailed designs for fairies , princesses, safari animals and more.

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